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<body> Telefon +49 171 5766738 : Abstract: This advising firm supports you before during and after the implementation of complex projects in your company. We are specialized, to address the unpleasant but important side-problems and to solve them together with your specialists. As an example, in customer relation ship management systems it is not very pleasant for the sales-people to get organized in a way which allows their exchange by others. So they often fight against the system instead of accepting this system to support them in the changed one-to one marketing strategy of your company. To do it right, we find the way to reduce that problem thus accentuating the advantageous parts of the new sales-commuication system. Additionally we believe, such systems to be a crucial basis to capture and develop knowledge. This means: knowledge starts to be reality. Call us: +49 171 5766738 <a href="http://www.it-dialog.com"><b>it-dialog e.Kfm.</b></a> HRA 4651, Freiburg, Germany </body>